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Experience the ultimate tropical escape with their Helioux Self-Tanning Body Butter. With this gradual self-tanner you can determine the color intensity yourself by using the body butter once or several times a week. Whether you prefer to apply once a week or several times a week, Helioux body butter provides a natural-looking, sunkissed glow that builds beautifully over time.

Preparation is key, and a good scrub is a must before indulging in our luxurious body butter. The tropical coconut and lime scent transports your senses to a pristine tropical paradise. The aroma is derived from the authentic essence of coconut and lime, providing a truly refreshing experience without synthetic perfumes.

As you apply our silky smooth body butter, your skin is enveloped in intense hydration. We have carefully formulated our formula using the best natural and organic ingredients so that your skin is treated optimally. Experience the luxurious feel of Helioux butter as it glides effortlessly over your skin, leaving it feeling irresistibly soft and nourished.

Our commitment to ethical beauty is reflected in our vegan and cruelty-free formula. You can feel good about using our Helioux Self Tan Body Butter, knowing that it aligns with your values and supports the well-being of your skin. Embrace the power of nature with a product that combines the benefits of a gradual tan, a tropical scent and intense hydration in one delicious package.

Transform your skincare routine into a blissful tropical retreat with our Helioux Self Tan Body Butter. Experience the secret to a radiant, bronzed complexion while treating your skin to the luxury it deserves.

Helioux® Self Tan Body Butter